The Brand

Label B was born out of the realization that we can do better for our planet. After being exposed to the amount of waste she herself was contributing to in the world of fast fashion, designer and founder Bri O’Shea said enough. Her dream of creating a brand that represented her core values of sustainability, quality and versatility was formed. 

“I want to create pieces that are effortlessly cool for girls that are perfectly undone. I truly believe that less is more so creating reversible swimwear out of dead-stock and recycled materials seems like a natural fit.” -Bri

Intentionally designed and ethically produced in the USA we hope you take as much pride in wearing our pieces as we do in creating them.


What in the world is dead-stock? Old, surplus or leftover fabric that will inevitably end up in a landfill. You know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Yep, exactly.


In the U.S. alone 99% of clothing thrown away can be recycled, yet 85% ends up in landfills.


We’re doing our part to help change that.

Limited Quantities

Because many of our styles are made from dead-stock material, quantities are limited. Once a style is sold out we can't promise it will be restocked :(.  

Our Promise

We are a work in progress - as we learn and grow we promise to be transparent and open with you. We invite you along for the ride!